Let freedom ring! This berry pie has blueberries under the stars and cherry pie filling under the striped lattice crust. It’s a new family favorite to pass on for generations. Perfect for any day of the year, or to celebrate your favorite hero. Ted Drewes Frozen...

Chocolate Peanut Butter

A perfectly-sweet sandwich cookie crust, filled with fluffy peanut butter and topped with peanut butter candies. View All Flavors


If you love the light texture and taste of a 3 Musketeers candy bar, you will love this pie, in a chocolate cookie crust. View All Flavors

White Chocolate Peppermint

The perfect Christmas pie, we use cream cheese, white chocolate pudding and other sweetness, add to a chocolate cookie crust, and top with white chocolate peppermint chips. View All Flavors

Sweet Potato with Pecan Streusel

A southern classic recipe, fresh sweet potatoes are cooked to perfection, then sweetened with brown sugar and butter. We add an amazing toasted coconut pecan streusel to the top to give it some crunch and perfect sweetness. Wine Pairing: Adam Puchta Winery,...