Family PiesA�a�?A�Premium PiesA�a�? Frozen Pies a�? Fried Pies


First, let’s talk crust. Our crust is home-made, with Crisco. It has a smooth, yet flaky, texture. It took us several recipes to find the perfect crust. If you are a “crust” person, we invite you to try ours.


Then there’s the filling. Ours are made with real ingredients. We make home-made puddinga��we don’t pour it out of a bag. We slice Granny Smith apples a�� we don’t use canned apple pie filling. We source the tastiest ingredients, buying as much local rhubarb and as manyA�Concord grapes as we can.


We offer over 50 pie flavors, and we continue to research new recipes and have fun in the kitchen. True Hap-Pie-Ness is when a customer says, “Your pie tastes just like Mom’s.”


We offer Family Pies and Pie-by-the-Slice. We deliver pies to homes, schools, businesses and funeral homes for special occasions or “just because.” A�We deliver to weddings, rehearsal dinners, and showers too!


Some of our pies are listed with a wine pairing. Want to be the star of any dinner party? Bring a pie AND a bottle of wine. Your senses will go wild.


For special orders, call us two or three days in advance at 573-486-KAN-D (5263).