Sugar Momma’s Premium Pies

Wow them with something special — just $17.75.

Bacon Apple

Let’s just cut to the chase. Bacon makes everything better. Bacon (okay, the grease), Granny Smith apples and juice, and brown sugar all caramelize to make you so happy you might wanna kiss a pig. Not only are bacon crumbles in the apple pie filling, but a bacon lattice adorns the top of the pie.Read more

Bourbon Chocolate Pecan

Yes, you read correctly. Take a perfect pecan pie and add chocolate chips AND bourbon. Not toooo much bourbon! Just enough so that you know it is there. You might like to eat this one warmed up to really get those flavors working together.

Cheesecake Pecan

Two American classics, Cheesecake and Pecan Pie, marry into this delightful pie. A caramel layer, topped with a cream cheese layer, topped with a sweet pecan layer.

Concord Grape Double Crust

Hermann is home to many wineries, and there are lots of vineyards, with lots of Concord Grapes. We source the grapes from our farm and also buy some from a friend who has a vineyard. If you like jelly, you will love this pie. Many folks have never heard of a Concord Grape pie, butRead more

Mocha French Silk

Smooooooooth, silky chocolate-y pie with just a hint of mocha. Accented with chocolate shavings. Wine pairing:  Lost Creek Vineyard, Raspberry

Pear Cranberry with Walnut Streusel

Hello, Fall! This pie just screams fall, with pears, cranberries and walnuts. The fruit filling is topped with a crunchy walnut streusel.  Wine pairing:  Adam Puchta Winery, Rosé

Triple Berry Double Crust

Huckleberries, blackberries and raspberries all harmonize together in this perfect pie.

White Chocolate Peppermint

This Christmas-season pie is a home-made pudding with white chocolate and peppermint, topped with a meringue and then decorated with peppermint pieces. A great pie to take to Christmas parties.

White Chocolate Raspberry French Silk

Smooth and creamy white chocolate filling, with a layer of raspberry sauce in the middle, adorned with the beautiful raspberry sauce. Wine Pairing:  Lost Creek Vineyard, All Aboard Blush; Sugar Creek Winery, Sugar Creek Boone Country White