A little piece of heaven!

We sometimes offer fried pies on weekends. Also called “hand pies,” these small, half-moon shaped pies are deep fried then smothered with a powdered sugar glaze. For a special treat, have your fried pie warm with a side of Ted Drewes Frozen Custard or Giofre Apiaries Honey Ice Cream!



We use our Granny Smith apple pie filling to make this an all-American favorite.


A bit more robust than a peach, the apricot fried pie will tickle your taste buds.

Bacon Apple

Here with go with bacon again! We use our Bacon Apple pie filling and there is literally, bacon in every bite. Try this mouth-watering fried pie with some Salty Caramel Honey Ice Cream from Giofre Apiaries on the side!


You will only be singing the blues after eating one of these, because you will wish you had another. This fried pie is full of little blueberries.

Blueberry Cream

Take the blueberry pie filling and add a sweet, cream cheese filling. My, oh my, this blueberry fried pie!


I’ll bet George Washington ate some Cherry Fried Pies in his time. This is a classic.


Our fresh peach pie filling gets deep fried in a pastry shell. Add some Peach Honey Ice Cream from Giofre Apiaries or Ted Drewes Vanilla Frozen Custard to top it off!

Strawberry Cream Cheese

Fresh strawberries and our sweet cream cheese mixture make this an amazing burst of flavor! Need more strawberry flavor? Add a tub of Ted Drewes Strawberry Frozen Custard to the side and you will be in heaven.

The Elvis

Do you know what Elvis’s favorite sandwich was? A grilled peanut butter banana sandwich. In his honor, we offer this pie that will get you “All Shook Up,” with peanut butter, bananas, and our home-made pudding that we use in our cream pies.