Nancy and Dominic Giofre of Millersburg, MO (about an hour west of Sugar Momma’s) raise their own honey bees.  They add the honey to ice cream to make an old-fashioned flavor, as if you are sitting at a church picnic enjoying home-made ice cream.  Some of the flavors of their honey ice cream that we carry are banana, blackberries & cream, butter pecan, coffee buzz, mint chocolate chip, peach, peanut butter chocolate chip, pineapple, raspberry, salty caramel and vanilla.


We are very excited to offer Jazz Berry Chocolatta Boom! Honey Ice Cream.  We commissioned Nancy Giofre to make an ice cream for us with Jazz Berry wine from Adam Puchta Winery.  The Jazz Berry wine is a grape wine with raspberry concentrate added to it.  Paired with chocolate, Jazz Berry is a flavor explosion.  Jazz Berry Chocolatta Boom! is the perfect combination of Jazz Berry wine, dark chocolate shavings, and vanilla honey ice cream.  You must try some today!